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After reaching Siddhasrama,

Radha took a bath and adorned herself in new clothes. Then she went to the beautiful mandapa which was established for Ganesha worship. Radha offered white flowers to the Lord and adored Him with utmost devotion. She also offered Durva grass or Bermuda grass, holy water, lamp, incense sticks, fragrant sandalwood paste, five clothes and many other presents to Ganesha. Radha also presented a sacred cow as charity. Afterwards she chanted the Ganesha mantra for one thousand times and also performed all other rituals related with Ganesha worship.



Rupa Goswami writes Abhimanyu was actually Krishna who expended himself as another gopa just to marry Sri Radha, just to make his lilas with Radha, more intimate and more inconceivably happy forever. One day, Abhimanyu and his mother Jatila were told that Sri Radha was meeting Krishna. So Abhimanyu decided that we will move away from here to Mathura. So he was walking early one morning and he met Purnamassi, who was like the guru of all of Vraja Bhumi.

She said, “Where are you going?”

He said, “I want your blessings. I’m going to Mathura.”

She said, “Why?”

And he told her.

Purnamassi’s heart was trembling, ‘How could Radharani, the ultimate queen and beloved of everyone in Vrindavan leave? She cannot leave from here!’ So she recommended him, “Have Sri Radharani worship Gauri at her temple. Gauri is the wife of Shiva.” Of course it is also the name of Sri Radha but in this sense that it is Shiva-shakti or Gauri.

So Sri Radha went to perform her pooja. Krishna met her there when she was picking flowers. Jatila and Abhimanyu heard about that. So they decided, “We are going to catch them together!”

They came. Krishna talked to Vrinda Devi and said, “Get me the clothes of Gauri,” and he made himself a golden color, put on the clothes, the crown of Gauri, and stood right in front of the deity; just like a deity. When Abhimanyu and Jatila came in the temple, they saw Sri Radharani worshiping the deity. At that time Radharani was praying, “Please, please, be merciful.”

And Abhimanyu asked, “What is she praying?”

Jatila asked, “Why is she praying like this?”

And Gauri, who was Krishna, spoke. She said to one of the gopis, “Tell her what I have said.”

Gopis said, “Gauri has spoken that in two days Abhimanyu is going to be arrested by Kamsa. Kamsa is going to chop off his head and offer it to Lord Shiva and Radharani is praying to have mercy on him.”

And Jatila asked, “Is there anything we could do? Is there anything we could do?”

Gauri said, “No. There is nothing anybody could do. Your head will be sliced off in two days by Kamsa. So the only hope,” Gauri said to Radha in front of everybody, “because of your prayers, because of your love for me, (Krishna is speaking) I will protect Abhimanyu under the condition that you never leave me in Vrajabhumi.”

And Abhimanyu and Jatila cried out to Gauri, “We will never ever take Radharani away from Vrindavan.”

And Gauri was very happy. She smiled (laughs). And Gauri said,” You should always know that Radharani is the supreme ultimate personification of chastity, purity and love.”

They said, “Yes, yes, we understand that. We understand.”

Then Jatila and Abhimanyu while going home and saying, “Lucky that we came there just in time.” And they went away very happily.

Then Krishna came off the throne, took off his Gauri clothes, and had his wonderful pastimes with Sri Radha. That is one of the stories of Gauri kund.