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Why Krishna had to leave Radha Rani

Sri Narayana Rsi to Sri Narada

One time, in a rasa-mandala in a secluded place in a great forest in Goloka, Lord Hari enjoyed pastimes with Sri Radha. Overcome with bliss, Radha could not understand Herself or anything else. Leaving Her unsatisfied in the midst of Their pastimes, He went to enjoy amorous pastimes with Viraja, another gopi. Beautiful Viraja resembled Radha. She has a billion beautiful gopi friends. As she sat on a jewel throne, this gopi, who thought Lord Krsna more dear than life, and who was fortunate and glorious among women, saw Lord Hari approach. Lord Hari at once enjoyed pastimes with her.

Seeing Lord Hari embraced by her in the jewel pavilion, Radha's friends at once told their mistress. Hearing their words, Radha became angry and lay down on Her bed. Her eyes like red lotus flowers, the goddess wept bitterly. The great goddess said to them: "Show Him to Me." If you speak the truth, then come with Me. I will give Krsna and this gopi the result They deserve. When I punish her who will save her? With her quickly bring Lord Hari's other lovers also.
After hearing their words, beautiful Radha, ascended a chariot. She departed with 1 630 000 000 gopis, traveling on a chariot, O sage, quickly descending from the chariot thus described, Lord Hari's beloved goddess Radha, at once went to Him in the pavilion of jewels.

At the entrance She saw a handsome, smiling, lotus-faced guard accompanied by a hundred thousand gopas. To that gopa, who was Sri Krsna's dear friend named Sridama, goddess Radha, Her eyes now like red lotuses, angrily said: Go away! O servant of a rake, go away! I will see what kind of beautiful lover Your master has now! Hearing Radha's words, strong and fearless Sridama, holding a stick in his hand, did not allow Her to enter. Their lips trembling, the other gopis angrily pushed the servant Sridama. Hearing a great commotion from the people of Goloka and understanding that Radha was angry, Lord Hari disappeared. Hearing the word "Radha" and seeing Lord Hari disappear, Viraja became afraid. By practice of mystic yoga she gave up her life. Her body at once became a river circling Goloka. That river was filled with jewels, very deep, eight hundred million miles wide, and ten times as long.

O sage, when She went to the pavilion of amorous pastimes Radha did not see Lord Hari. Seeing the river that Viraja had become, She went home. Seeing that His eternal beloved had become a river, Sri Krsna loudly wept on the beautiful shore of that Viraja River. "O best, best of lovers, come to Me! O beautiful one, beautiful one, how can I live without you? "By My blessing now become the most beautiful of women, and the empress of rivers.:Now have a form more beautiful than the beautiful form you had. O chaste one, your previous form has now become a river." "Raise from the water and come to Me." Taking a new form, and beautiful like Radha, she approached Lord Hari.

Seeing Sri Krsna with Viraja , Radha's friends told their mistress. Hearing this, Radha lay down in the palace of anger and wept. Then Krsna entered that palace and approached Her. O Narada, accompanied by Sridama, Krsna stood at Radha's door. When She who is the queen of the rasa dance saw Her beloved Lord Hari, She became angry and said: O Lord Hari, You have many other lovers in Goloka. Go to them! Why do You need Me? Even though Your dear lover Viraja, out of fear of Me, left her body and became a river, still You go to her! Build a palace on her shore and stay with her. Stay with her. Go to her. She became a river. You became a river also. Because they belong to the same class, it is glorious for one river to associate with another river. As they happily eat together and sleep together they feel great love for each other. O crest jewel of divine persons, when they hear from Me that You are enjoying pastimes with a river, the great souls will smile. They who say You are the master of the universes do not truly know Your heart. The Personality of Godhead, who is the Supersoul in the hearts of all, now desires to enjoy pastimes with a river!

After hearing Radha's words, the gopis spoke to Lord Hari words there were beneficial, truthful, gentle, sweet, and appropriate to that circumstance. Some said: "O Lord Hari, for a moment go to another place. When Radha's anger subsides we will bring You here.Forced by the gopis, Lord Hari, who is the first cause of the world's causes, left and went to another's home. Then Sridama became angry. His lotus eyes now red, Sridama angrily spoke to the supreme goddess, Sri Radha, whose lotus eyes were also red with anger. Hearing Sridama's very harsh and forceful words, She became suddenly angry. She stood up and spoke to him. Going outside, Her hair loosened, Her lotus eyes reds, and Her lips trembling, She harshly spoke to him. Sri Radha said: Rogue! Fool! Servant of a rake! Listen. I don't know your master. You know everything about Him. O lowest wretch in Vraja, Sri Krsna is your master and not Mine? You praise your father and rebuke your mother. As the demons always insult the demigods, so you always insult Me! Therefore, O fool, become a demon! Gopa, leave Goloka and go to a demoness' womb. Fool, now I have cursed you. Who can protect you? After thus cursing him, the queen of the rasa dance became silent. Then, with jeweled-handled camaras in their hands, Her friends served Her.

After hearing Her words, his lips trembling in anger, Sridama cursed Her: Go to the womb of a human woman! You are angry like a human woman, therefore become a human woman on the earth! Mother, I have cursed You. Of this there is no doubt. You will be eclipsed by a part of Your own shadow. The fools on the earth will say you are the wife of a petty king. That petty king will be a partial incarnation of Lord Hari. He will be a great yogi born in a human womb because of Radha's curse on him. In Gokula You will attain Lord Krsna. You will stay with Him in the forest there and enjoy pastimes with Him. You will be separated from Him for a hundred years and then You will attain Him, Your Lord, again and return with Him to Goloka. After speaking these words and after bowing down before Radha, Sridama went to Lord Hari. Bowing down before Lord Krsna, Sridama narrated the story of the cursings. Sridama wept as never before. As weeping Sridama was about to go to the earth, Lord Krsna said to him: You will become the king of demons. In the three worlds no one will defeat you. After fifty yugas Siva's spear will make you leave that body and with My blessings you will return to Me. After hearing Lord Krsna's words, grieving Sridama said to Him: You will never transform me into a person that has no devotion for You. Saying this Sridama left his own asrama.

Then, weeping again and again, Radha came there. Saintly Radha loudly lamented, "Child, where are you going?" Then Sridama became Sankhacuda, the husband of Tulasi. When Sridama had left, Goddess Radha approached Lord Hari. She told Him everything and He spoke to Her. Lord Krsna told everything to His grieving beloved. Then, in the course of time, Sridama became Sankhacuda and then returned to the Lord. In the Varaha-kalpa Radha went with Lord Hari to the earth. O sage, She attained a birth in Gokula in King Vrsabhanu's home.

Brahma-vaivarta Purana