Intern of Krishna - Son Jesus Messenger Mohammed Meditative Buddha


  1. Sri Radha s limbs glistened like lightning. 
  2. Sri Radha s hair was like a dark monsoon cloud with lightning. 
  3. Sri Radha s neck and other limbs are like the winding tendrils of a golden sura-lata vine. 
  4. Sri Radha s face graced with many black and curly locks of hair is like a lotus encircled by black bees. 
  5. Sri Radha s forehead is like a half-moon. 
  6. Sri Radha's eyes are like two stars. 
  7. Sri Radha's eyebrows are like two archer's bows. 
  8. Sri Radha's nose is like a graceful arrow. 
  9. Sri Radha's ears are like the tips of the tendrils of two golden vines. 
  10. Sri Radha's cheeks are like two round fruits borne by that vine. 
  11. Sri Radha s mouth is like a golden cup with rubies around its circle top. 
  12. Sri Radha s teeth are like pearls fallen from a cloud. 
  13. Sri Radha s gentle smile is like the sweet fragrance of vine that bears flowers of poetic words. 
  14. Sri Radha's lips are like flower petals. 
  15. Sri Radha's breasts are like an abode of inconceivable glorious beauty. 
  16. Sri Radha s breasts are like two inconceivable waterpots made of priceless jewels. 
  17. Sri Radha s abdomen is like an asvattha leaf. The line of hairs on Sri Radha s body is like a graceful line drawn upon it. 
  18. Sri Radha s waist is like an altar built by Visvakarma, the demigods architect. 
  19. Sri Radha s navel is like a deep and holy pilgrimage lake. 
  20. Sri Radha s two legs, anointed with various colors, and graceful like the most graceful elephant's trunk, are clothed in wonderful and colorful garments that reach to Her glorious feet. 
  21. Sri Radha s feet glorious with the effulgence of Her toenails are like two glorious blossoming flowers anointed with cooling drops of mist. 
  22. Sri Radha s arms are like two soft golden-lotus stems. 
  23. Sri Radha's hands are like two lotus flowers. In this way Sri Radha s form is splendid and beautiful. 
  24. Sri Radha's hair is curly and graceful. Sri Radha's hair is gracefully dishevelled. 
  25. Sri Radhas tilaka is perfect, unbroken, graceful, and glorious with various colors. 
  26. Sri Radha s earrings are reflected in the two blue lotus flowers Her eyes. 
  27. Sri Radha s smile is reflected in the pearl-ring on Her nose. A necklace enjoys pastimes on Sri Radha s breasts. A whispering belt of jangling bells glistens over Sri Radha's garments. 
  28. Sri Radha's neck, arms, and other limbs are decorated with tilaka and with many glorious ornaments. What more can I say Sri Radha's graceful head is the ultimate ornament, the ornament that decorates all the other parts of Her body.