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Krsna-disguised-as-a-gopi-messenger: I am a messenger.

Radha: Who sent You
Disguised Krsna: Your master.

Radha: What are Your qualifications
Disguised Krsna: My qualifications are equal to those of Your master.

Radha: Can You proove You are qualified like My master
Disguised Krsna: Yes. Take Me to a private room and You may gaze at My body. 

Simply by hearing Krsna's crooked words Radha could understand the true Krsna. identity of Her guest, that Her guest was actually the object of Her desire.



Disguised as a girl learned in
  1. astrology, 
  2. mantras, 
  3. yoga, and 
  4. Tantras, 
Krsna enjoyed the following conversation pastime:

Radha: 0 all-knowing girl, what is the most blissful place in the three worlds
Krsna-disguised-as-a-learned-girl: Krsna's land of Vraja.

Radha: In this world what is the best activity to perform for one's livelihood
Disguised Krsna: Singing songs about Krsna

Radha: What activity brings the most auspicious result
Disguised Krsna: The desire to attain Krsna.

Radh: What is most delightfu1
Disguised Krsna:Krsna's handsome form.

Radha: What is the best goal one can attain
Disguised Krsna: The attainment of Krsna s association .

May the trickster Krsna, who conversed with Radha in this way, protect us all.



"0 Radha, Your anger pains Me, but then again it is like blows struck with apastime lotus-flower, blows that give no pain at all. Ah! This anger to Me is like the pain Your feet may feel when they touch the hairs on My chest."

To Krsna's sweet words Radha gives the following reply:

"How can I tolerate separation from You master of the goddess of fortune, I cannot tolerate that fearsome separation.

It is like an Agastya Muni drinking up the ocean of My happiness,

or like a strong wind that blows away the clouds of My peaceful composure, or like an air-eating snake devouring the air of My life s breath, or like a great fire blazing in the forest of My body."



Radhika was angry with Krsna for many days. No matter what He did, He could not appease Her. Finally He got a good idea. He sent a big black snake on Her path to scare Her. As soon as She saw that snake hissing at Her, she got terrified and Her pot of milk went flying. Krsna is standing close by, enjoying the scene. And in the next moment Radhika will jump into His arms and cry out, "Madhava, save Me!" And right next to Krsna is the kunjaready and waiting to host Them with a bed of lotus petals that Krsna Himself arranged in advance. Gurudeva says that actually Krsna Himself comes as this snake.


Radhika has not met with Krsna for awhile–perhaps He has gone off with another gopi, or perhaps He has gone to Mathura. In the madness of Her love for Him, She sees a dark Tamala tree and genuinely thinks it is Him. She embraces the tree and feels great satisfaction, and Krsna appears within the tree to receive Her embrace.


Radha Balancing Flute and Butter Pot

Radhika has gone to the Yamuna to bring water. She has refused to meet with Krsna for several days, so trying to win Her favor, He is helping Her carry Her water. But He's so charmed by Her beauty that He cannot even carry the pot correctly and the water is spilling out. Actually, this water is really the prema in Her heart for Him.

Let This Life Be Spent in Listening to Your Flute

Radha: "This flute must have performed many pious deeds in its past lives, for even though he is male, he shamelessly drinks the nectar of Krsna's lips, nectar that is the gopis property, and as it drinks, the flute loudly sings. When it is satisfied that it has drunk enough, the flute vomits out a host of noisily flowing rivers of nectar, rivers of nectar that make the trees bloom with many flowers and weep with blissful tears of dripping honey."

Radha also said: "I pray that I may attain the body of a flute. I do not pray to attain the body of a saintly teenage girl. As a flute I will thirstily enjoy many blissful rare pastimes of drinking the nectar of Krsna s lips. If, as a flute, I become an inanimate object, a being without life or consciousness, then at least I will be free of the sorrowes I feel separated from Krsna."

Radha also said: "0 shark of Krsna's earrings, you always kiss Krsna's cheeks. 0 flute, you always lick Krsna'slips. 0 flower-garland, you always embrace Krsna's body. You are all fortunate. Destiny is kind to you. Alas! I am not fortunate. Destiny is not kind to Me. That is why I yearn to attain good fortune like yours."


  1. Of all women, the Laksmis are the best. 
  2. Among the Laksmis, the gopis are the best. 
  3. Among the gopis, Radha is the best. 
The most exalted Sri is Goddess Radha. This is described in the
  1. Padma, 
  2. Skanda, 
  3. Varaha, 
  4. Matsya, and other Puranas