Worship and the Worshipped

Maharshi Narayana narrated to Narada Muni that Maha Deva explained to Devi Parvati about the ‘Praadurbhaava’ and ‘Mahatwa’ (Origin and Magnificence) of Devi Radha. Maha Deva said: Radhaa bhajeti Shri Krishnam sa cha taam cha parasparam, Ubhayoh Sarvasaamyam cha sadaa Santho vadanti cha/ (Devi Radha worships Shri Krishna and Shri Krishna worships Radha; they both are the ‘Araadhya’ and ‘Araadhaka’ (worship and the worshipped) respectively.

Brahma-vaivarta Purana

Radha and Krishna Are One

The Great Learned Experts are convinced and strongly believed that both Radha and Krishna are unified as also the counterpart concepts.

  1. Radha emerged from the words of ‘Ra’ denoting ‘Raasa’ and ‘Dhaavan’ denoting attraction or magnetism for the beloved (Shri Krishna). 
  2. Another interpretation would be: Mere pronouncement of the ‘Shabda’ (word) ‘Raa’ would readily attract the unobtainable ‘Mukti’ and pronounciation of the word ‘Dhaa’ would instantly chase Shri Krishna’s sacred feet! 
  3. A simpler interpretation of the word ‘Raa’ denotes accomplishment and the word ‘Dha’means ‘Nirvana’ or ‘Moksha’.