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16 items of beautification (srngara) and 12 types of ornaments (abharana)

In the Gopalottara-tapani, She is glorified as Gandharva. This daughter of Vrsabhanu has a very beautiful form and wears 16 items of beautification (srngara) and 12 types of ornaments (abharana).
Concerning Her sixteen items of beautification, Subala says to Sri Krsna, "After bathing, Sri Radhika 
  1. decorates the tip of Her nose with an effulgent jewel. 
  2. She dresses in blue clothing, 
  3. with a sash (nivibandhana) around Her waist. 
  4. Her hair is plaited and 
  5. She wears ornaments on Her ears. 
  6. Her limbs are smeared with camphor, musk and 
  7. Sandal paste. 
  8. She wears flowers in Her hair and 
  9. a garland around Her neck. 
  10. In Her hand She playfully carries a lotus flower. 
  11. In Her mouth She has tambula, and 
  12. on Her chin a dot of musk. 
  13. She wears kajjala around Her eyes and 
  14. on Her cheeks are muskpaintings of dolphins, etc. 
  15. The bottoms of Her lotus feet are painted red and 
  16. She wears tilaka on Her forehead."

Concerning Her twelve ornaments, Subala says, "Sri Radhika wears a 
  1. diamond on Her head, 
  2. golden earrings on Her ears, and 
  3. tiny golden bells around Her hips. 
  4. A golden locket hangs around Her neck. 
  5. She wears a cakri-salaka (an elaborate ornament that encircles the entire ear and fastens at the top) over Her ears, 
  6. bangles on Her hands, and a 
  7. necklace around Her throat. 
  8. There are rings on Her fingers and 
  9. a group of star-like necklaces on Her bosom. 
  10. She is adorned with jewelled armlets, 
  11. jewelled ankle bells and 
  12. radiant toe rings. 
She is very beautiful wearing these twelve ornaments."

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Radha = (Ra + Ā) + (Dha + Ā.)

  1. Ra means that which expunges the sins of million (Koti = 10 million) births and prevents experiencing weal and woe (Subha Asubham) of Karma.
  2. Ā means that which rescues (the soul) from the cycle of birth death Old Age and disease.
  3. Dha means ensuring Eternity Knowledge Bliss.
  4. Ā Be Assured.