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idaṁ hyanvojasāsutaṁ rādhānāṁ pate pivā tvasya girvaṇaḥ (Ṛig Veda)
"O Shree Krishna, Husband of Radha! Just as the gopīs worship You, the Ved mantras also worship You. By them, drink Som Ras."
vibhaktāraṁ havāmahe vasoschitrasya rādhasaḥ savitāraṁ nṛichaksasam (Ṛig Ved)
"O All-knowing Witness seated in everyone's hearts, who took Radha away from the gopīs (during the Mahārās)! We call You for our protection."
tvaṁ nṛichaksaṁ vṛiṣhabhānupoorvīḥ kṛiṣhṇāsvagne aruṣhovibhāhi (Ṛig Veda)
In this mantra, the name of Vrishabhanu, father of Radha is mentioned, leaving no scope for doubt or interpretation on what the word "Radha" means.
yasyā reṇuṁ pādayorviśhvabhartā dharate moordhnī (Atharva Vediya Rādhikopaniṣhad)
"Radha is that Entity, the dust of whose lotus feet the Master of the Universe places on His head."