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Light - Remarks In Good-Humored Teasing Way

Once Shri Krishna knocked at Shrimati Maharani's door and the following conversation took place:

Radharani: Who is it?

Krishna: I am Hari.

Since the word Hari in Sanskrit also means a lion, she replied:

Radharani: There are no suitable animals of prey here, so why have you come?

Krishna: I am Madhava don't you know me?

The word Madhava, other than being a name of Krishna also means the season of spring, so came the reply:

Radharani: This is not the time for spring to come.

Krishna: I am Janardana, surely you know me?

The word Janardana holds within itself many meanings, two of which are contrary to each other. It means both - one who causes distress to society and also one who destroys the wicked. Obviously, Shrimati Radha chose the former meaning:

Radharani: Persons like you should stay in the forest where there are no other people you can cause distress to.

Krishna: Open the door young lady, I am Madhusudana.

The word Madhusudana means both the 'killer of the demon named Madhu,' and also means the honeybee, which drinks honey (madhu) from various flowers. Thus she said:

Radharani: Now I understand, you a dvirepha.

Dvirepha means both a honeybee and also an outcaste. Thus does Radharani suggest that since Krishna has the habit of fluttering towards various gopis like the honeybee, he has been banned from her house.

In this light banter Krishna introduced himself with various names, the meanings of which were taken differently by Radharani than that intended by him.