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Light - Remarks In Good-Humored Teasing Way

Once Shri Krishna knocked at Shrimati Maharani's door and the following conversation took place:

Radharani: Who is it?

Krishna: I am Hari.

Since the word Hari in Sanskrit also means a lion, she replied:

Radharani: There are no suitable animals of prey here, so why have you come?

Krishna: I am Madhava don't you know me?

The word Madhava, other than being a name of Krishna also means the season of spring, so came the reply:

Radharani: This is not the time for spring to come.

Krishna: I am Janardana, surely you know me?

The word Janardana holds within itself many meanings, two of which are contrary to each other. It means both - one who causes distress to society and also one who destroys the wicked. Obviously, Shrimati Radha chose the former meaning:

Radharani: Persons like you should stay in the forest where there are no other people you can cause distress to.

Krishna: Open the door young lady, I am Madhusudana.

The word Madhusudana means both the 'killer of the demon named Madhu,' and also means the honeybee, which drinks honey (madhu) from various flowers. Thus she said:

Radharani: Now I understand, you a dvirepha.

Dvirepha means both a honeybee and also an outcaste. Thus does Radharani suggest that since Krishna has the habit of fluttering towards various gopis like the honeybee, he has been banned from her house.

In this light banter Krishna introduced himself with various names, the meanings of which were taken differently by Radharani than that intended by him.

Definition of Faith

Faith => For All I Trust Her

1) Pratijna (Proposition): There is fire on the mountain.

2) Hetu (Reason): Because it is smoky.

3) Udaharana (General principle and example): Where there is smoke there is fire

4) Upanaya (Application): There is smoke over the mountain

5) Nigamana (Conclusion): Therefore, there is a fire on the mountain.

True love means no expectations and unconditional caring

once Rukmani asked Radha in her dream,”Why is it that whenever your name comes up in a conversation, Krishna gets very sad” Radha’s response,with tears flowing from her eyes,”Please never remind my Krishna about me,if it brings tears to his eyes”.


Krishna is so beautiful that He could attract millions of Cupids and was therefore called Madan-mohan, “the attractor of Cupid,” Radharani could attract even Krishna. She was therefore called Madan-mohan-mohini—”the attractor of the attractor of Cupid.”

transformations resulting from separation from Krsna

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Real Love

"In the material world there is no love. It is lust. We are making business under the name of love. In the material world there cannot be love because... Suppose a girl loves a boy or a boy loves a girl. Both of them are actuated by sense gratification. So that is not love. That is not love. When there is question of sense gratification, that is not love. Just like there is little example. Just like mother loves the child. There is no question of sense gratification. Simply for the sake of love, the mother loves the child. It is simply a little example. Similarly, love means if I love you, I don't want any return. Still, I love you. You may ill treat me. You may badly treat me. You neglect me. Still, I love you. There is no question of return from you. That is real love. That you cannot find in this material world. Because it is based on sense gratification, therefore there is love between a boy and girl, and as soon as there is little discrepancy, there is divorce. They are separated. Because the whole principle was on the basis of lust. So there is no love. Or we do not know what is meant by love. Love does not mean just a boy is attracted by a girl or a girl is attracted by a... That is not love. That is sense attraction. So in the material world there is no love. It is impossible. There is little, little example, just like I cited the example of mother and son or similar. That is also temporary. But real love is in the spiritual... That is Radha-Krsna. That is real love. There is no separation. There is no cheating. There is no divorce. There is no sex attraction. Simply for love's sake, loving, that is real love."

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